Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

All of us at Aspen Resort would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2011 Fishing Wall of Fame photos

As the sun sets on the 2011 summer fishing season we posted photos of the fishermen and women that made our 2011 wall of fame. You can view all the photos by visiting our Aspen Resort Facebook page. You can find us by clicking the link on our website homepage. Have a great winter everyone and we hope to see you all again next summer.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Dock are in

Moved the docks into shore for the winter. Ice should be starting to form on the lake within the next 1-2 weeks. The Minnesota deer firearm opener starts tomorrow!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Stop in at Aspen Resort while out trick or treating. It's a little out of the way but full size candy will be worth the trip! We hope to see all you ghosts and goblins tonight.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Deer Hunting

Aspen Resort is taking reservations for fall hunting. . All cabins are full log 3-4 bedroom cabins with satellite TV, WIFI, whirlpool tubs and full kitchens. Each of our cabins can accommodate up to 6-8 people. Visit our website to view our online availability calendar to check on available cabins or call us toll free at 1-888-802-7736.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

20 1/4" Bass

Brian Stone of Noblesville, IN caught this Largemouth Bass on 9/8/11 during a fall fishing trip to Pelican Lake.

Friday, August 26, 2011

10" Bluegill 8/26/11

Jackie Gergovich from LaSalle, IL caught this 10" Bluegill that weighed in at 1lb. If you factor in the cleaning board it was over a 2 pounder! Nice job Jackie!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

14" Crappie 8/21/11

Vince Walters of LaSalle, IL caught this 14 inch Crappie on the first day of his vacation. Great start Vince!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Black Bear Cub

Here is a video of a Black Bear cub that wondered into the resort on Friday 8/12/11. Video was taken by one of our dock crew, Evan Gillette.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

8/10/11 Crappie

7 1/2 year old Justyna S. of Chicago IL caught this nice Crappie while out fishing with Dad, Mom and little sister.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wall of fame twofer

Dale Cwynar of Argyle WI made the wall of fame today by bring in a 10 1/2" Bluegill and a 13 1/2" Crappie. Nice work Dale!

Monday, August 8, 2011

8/8/11 Largemouth Bass

Blake Cwynar of Argyle WI caught and released this Largemouth Bass with fishing with his family.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

We have arrived!

The Schmitz group from Waverly IA sure made a great first impression when checking in this afternoon. What do you all think?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Kid's activities

The kids at the resort this week got to enjoy decorating fish shaped cookies with frosting and toppings down at the lodge. Then the best part was eating them!

36 inch Northern Pike

Jason Bream of Oxford, IA caught and released this 36 inch Pike on 8/2/11.

25 inch Walleye

Morris Swenka of North Liberty IA landed this 25 inch, 4 lb 4 oz Walleye on 8/2/11. Nice fish Morris!

Monday, August 1, 2011

20" Smallmouth Bass

Luke Bell of Westville IN caught and released this 20" Smallmouth Bass on 8/1/11 the night before they left for home. Nice finish to a vacation I would say. Setting the bar pretty high for the rest of his family that will be coming up later this month.

Family Fun

The lodge at Aspen Resort is a great place to hang out after a day on the lake or in the pool. Enjoy our game room, check your emails using our free WIFI access or just catch up on your visiting with family and friends.

Minnow Races

One of our favorite children's events is our weekly minnow races. Every participant wins a prize!


The Bell boys have been beating up each other in teatherball since they were just old enough to walk!

Pelican Lake Sunset

This is just one of our beautiful sunsets that make you forget all about work and any stress you may be feeling. Come on and make your reservation for a little stress relief.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

14" Slab Crappie

7/27/11 Jan Vandusen of Union Mills, IN landed this 14" Crappie that weighed in at 1lb 8oz. Way to go Jan!!

The Welcome Pelican

Everyone of all ages has a hard time staying away from the Aspen Resort welcome Pelican.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Foggy day

Calling for 93 and humid today. It's 11 am and boy it's humid. Pool will be a popular spot I'm guessing.

Friday, July 15, 2011

20 1/2" Smallmouth Bass

7/15/11 Wade Newton of Ridgeway, IL caught and released this 20 1/2" Smallmouth on his last day of vacation at Aspen Resort. Nice fish Wade!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

36 inch Northern Pike

Lyle Wacaser Sr. of Springfield, Illinois caught this 36" pike while fishing Pelican Lake on 6/29/11.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

11" Pelican Lake Bluegill

Ellen Casebeer of Friendship, WI landed this 11 inch Bluegill that weighed in at 1lb 4oz on 6/23/11. It is heading to the taxidermist to be mounted. Beautiful fish Ellen!

a Pair of 13" Crappies

Ron Berg from Lowell, IN caught these two 13 inch Crappies while fishing Fathers Day Morning. Nice Fathers Day gift to yourself Ron!

22" Largemouth Bass

Donna Dosch from Greeley, CO caught this 22" Largemouth Bass less then 5 hours after checking in on Saturday 6/18/11. Nice job Donna.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

28" Pelican Lake Walleye

6/14/11 Randy Moore of Rockford, Illinois caught this 28" Walleye that weighed 4 lbs 8 oz. Let the eating begin!

Monday, June 13, 2011

14" Crappie

John (JB) Bennett of Franksville, WI caught this 14" crappie on 6/13/11. Ate it for dinner also on 6/13/11. Nice fish John!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1 pound Bluegill

Dave Ernat of Oglesby, IL caught this 10 inch Bluegill on 6/6/11 that weighed in at just over a pound. Dave was using his favorite lure which he is holding in his other hand.

6/14/11 Walleye

Austin from Tennessee landed this 24" Walleye that weighed in at 5lbs 4 oz. while fishing with family. Way to go Austin!

Monday, May 30, 2011

5/29/11 14 inch Crappie

Nathan S. of Minnesota caught this 14 inch Crappie while fishing right off the dock at Aspen Resort! All the fishermen and women running all over the lake looking for the bigger crappies and Nathan picks one up without going anywhere! looks like the new hot spot is Aspen Resort!

Fishing Opener Bass

Jim Graca of Illinois caought and released this 7 lb. 2 oz. Largemouth Bass and this 20" Small mouth Bass while fishing Pelican Lake opening weekend! Great looking fish Jim.

Monday, May 16, 2011

2011 Fishing Opener weekend

Derek Skalsky of Minnesota caught and released this 7 lb prespawn Largemouth Bass while fishing opening weekend on Pelican Lake, Orr MN.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fishing Opener May 14th, 2011

The Minnesota fishing opener is right around the corner. It's Saturday may 14th 2011. Our new docks are now done and it looks like Pelican Lake will be ice free around April 30 - May 1st. Should be a great opener, water temps should be just right for the fish to start biting!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Elsesser Families Testimonial 3/31/11

The Week of Our Aspen Vacation

‘Twas the night before leaving on our Aspen Vacation.
Our family was bursting with Anticipation!
Mom made a checklist and checked off as she goes –
the groceries, the sunscreen, the boat and the clothes.

The sun was brightly shining, “Wake up, rise and shine!
The boat is hitched to the truck, so let’s leave here on time!”
On our four hour drive, the scenery is so pretty!
It is finally great to get away, from the hustle of the city.

“Welcome back!” was our greeting from Vanessa and Ray!
“Our dock boys will help you unpack, so your kids can go play!”
The boats in the water, now it’s time for a little dinner
Now to catch a fish, who is a wall of fame winner!

That night by the bonfire, reviewing vacations past,
We knew our fun times at Aspen, would be in memories that last!
So many great stories and times of great fun,
from many years at Aspen, let us tell you a little from each one.

When our son Charlie turned 5, the present he wished for the most,
To go fishing with his dad, caught a 3 lb bass – Oh how he boasts!
Pelican Lake is amazing, so many islands and trees.
Just use your GPS, and you’ll find your way around with ease.

There have been many a trips, where fishing contests occur.
The men have claimed to have won, but for the women it is a blur.
Fishing in a Lake this great, there are way too many fish to name,
Our son sure gives it his best shot, listen to him exclaim!

The Walleyes! The Crappies! The Sunfish and Bass!
The Perch & The Pike, catching those will make you head of the class!
In your own boat or in a rental from Ray,
A fishing experience done here is better than any work day!

Playing games in the pool, is great on any day,
Whether it is cannonball splash or a game of keep away!
The weather wasn’t cooperating on one of those years,
The hot tub our savior! Can someone pass me a beer?

Looking for the place that makes memories that last?
Make sure to book your vacation so very fast!
Amazing accommodations, with great people we know!
Aspen Resort is the place GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Elsesser Families

Lapp Family Testimonial 3/30/11

By Ashley Lapp, 10 years old

We visited Aspen Resort in August 2010 and had an incredible time! We made many memories. We enjoyed every second of that vacation. When we arrived we were welcomed by the owner Ray, smiling and shaking our hands. We started to unpack our things and toured our cabin. It was pristine and beautiful. We had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. To make it even better, it also had a porch with a grill! The next day we swam in the pool and hot tub. We also fished. There also was an amazing playground! The resort provided activites like smores at night and decorating these really cool fish sugar cookies! The people there were very helpful and friendly. Aspen Resort is unbelievable! I think everyone should visit, there is something for everyone!!!

Picture attached: the Lapp family picture including- Steve and Anne, Ashley, Hunter, Kelsey, and Emily.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


via email-

I grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota and always knew “Minnesota Friendly” but my Husband, Ed, who grew up in Illinois had no clue what it really stood for. My parents were great lovers of the outdoors and fishing in particular. Dad always boasted about Pelican Lake in Orr, Minnesota and introduced me to fishing “the big ones” at an early age. We would rent a cabin on the lake and spend many vacation hours catching, cleaning and eating the best fish in the world. I was tending the net the day my Dad caught a Blue Gill that weighted 1 pound and 14 ounces. He had it mounted. When Dad retired he bought a home on Pelican and I did the drive, 236 miles one way, every Friday afternoon and home again on Sunday but it was all worth it. When Dad sold the home on the lake I was devastated but didn’t have the means to keep it in the family. “BIG MISTAKE!”

All of the stories and pictures Dad and I shared with my Husband finally paid off last summer when we vacationed at Aspen Resort. It was an uncomfortably wet and chilly week but that didn’t stop the fun. Our camping spot overlooked the beautiful woods and the wildlife did not disappoint. Deer are always a welcome site but the bear seem to bring out the rugged appeal of the Resort which was warmed by the nightly bonfires enjoyed by all.

Having never caught a good size Blue Gill or any Northern at all, Ed was ready to tackle the elements and put the rain gear to use. The Dock Boys were great help in outfitting us with night crawlers and fuel and were really appreciated by me helping us launch and land the boat without any disasters. I am a tried and true worm, leach or red and white Dare Devil gal so all of the extra tackle and changing of equipment has no place in my fishing enjoyment. I dropped my line into the bay and we were off. It sure didn’t take long for the first Northern hit and I was a happy fisher gal. Ed kept changing from one artificial bait to another and I kept saying, “hook on one of those Dare Devils and you are sure to catch a fish.” Well it took a bit of time and effort but he finally used the right bait and there it was, the biggest Northern of the day. Well ya gotta know he’s a believer. Personally, I think it kind of scared the baajeeburrs out of him when he looked into the huge mouth of that big fellow and saw that double row of razor sharp teeth and he realized he had to get all those hooks out of its mouth. I just smiled and enjoyed the show.

The next day we had a little reprieve from the rain and we headed out to the big water and up around the north end of the lake checking out the beautiful scenery and the hot spots. We finally found my old fishing hole on the back side of my Favorite Little Island right by the lily pads and tried our luck at catching some Blue Gill. There were a few bites and we landed some nice pan fish but all of a sudden the bites stopped. I loaded my tiny hook with a big bunch of night crawler and tossed it out over my shoulder into deeper water. I told Ed that my Dad always said “if the Sunnies stop biting there must be a Northern right close.” No more than my bait hit the water and started to sink when a big old Northern snatched it up. With the help of a net I landed that fish on that tiny little hook. Ed’s lower jaw must have bounced off the floor of the boat 10 times as he kept shaking his head in disbelief proclaiming himself a true believer. I think it was just one of those lucky things that accidentally happens at the right time.

Of course the next adventure was cleaning the fish. The fact that I had cleaned more than my share of fish in the past put me in the drivers seat. I like all of my fish without bones, including the “Northern Y Bones” so the job began and we were really thankful for the beautiful fish cleaning house. We sure couldn’t ask for a nicer place to do the job and everyone using the cleaning house was friendly, helpful and courteous. Fresh caught Northern fillets were on the dinner menu that night, deep fried with beer batter, just doesn’t get any better than that. And not a bone to be found.

Even with the inclement weather we were able to enjoy the beauty of Aspen Resort and Northern Minnesota and we also had the opportunity to spend time in the quaint town of Orr. Bar none, Patton Restaurant makes the best homemade rolls ever --- the peanut butter twists are to die for. It is a must to enjoy up north living at ASPEN RESORT and experience its Minnesota Friendly hospitality. This year we are already booked for a 2 week stay. Like my Grandpa always said, “Every moment spent fishing is a moment added to your life.” Grandpa was really wise that way.

The Kedzierzawski's

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bonnie & Allen Olson Testimonial 2/13/11

Sent via email-

Vacation at Aspen Resort – June, 2010

Let me start off by saying it rained almost every day we were there last year!! Didn’t stop us, however – we still fished and fished and fished and fished!!! We took a try at a puzzle that was a 2 sided gem and it was terrible – did’t get it done (no where near done). In fact, we exchanged it for a different one that we did complete before we left.

Anyway, our story is – We have been coming to Aspen for a couple of years now. It is me, my husband, my in-laws, my son and his friend. We stayed in the Blue Herron last year and it was a delightful cabin. One evening - it was about 11:30 – my in-laws had gone to bed earlier and my husband had just turned in for the night. I was working on a puzzle at the kitchen table and my son and his friend were in the living room area watching a movie. I heard a noise out on the deck of the cabin and wondered if there was someone on the deck. I didn’t give it too much attention until I heard the noise again and this time my son and his friend jumped up to look out the window on the door. My son quickly shouted out “It’s a bear”!! My husband got out of bed and came out to look and I jumped up from the puzzle to look and we saw the back side of the bear as he went down the stairs of the deck after trying to get into our garbage can. He proceeded to the side of the deck and put his paw (quite large!) through the rails of the deck railing trying again to get to the garbage. After no success in getting the can to the desired position to get it open, he started to leave and that is when my husband went outside. I was a little nervous about going out there when there was a bear around, but by the time we went out onto the deck, he was at the back of the cabin. He just turned around and looked at us and then went on his merry way. We tried to get a picture, but it was dark and he was black – needless to say, the picture didn’t turn out!!!

We called to make our reservation for this year and asked about the bear. Ray said that they haven’t seen it any more since his visit to the Blue Herron that night. It was definitely something that I will never forget.

Bonnie Olson

Kyle Fiebelkorn Testimonial 2/12/11

Sent via email-

I have been going to Aspen for 8 years now. I have stayed in 5 different cabins as my family grew larger. Each year it gets harder and harder to leave once we are there. I have met many people at Aspen over the years and I can honestly say that I have never run into an unhappy man, woman, or child yet. The atmosphere is truly set up for it to be whatever you choose. It can be totally relaxing and a complete download of the rat race you left behind, even if it is only for a short while. It is a wilderness wonderland for those that like to walk or enjoy the lake, fishing is phenominal, and the sights are second to none. There are many things for children and parents to do together, on your own and with Ray and Vanessa's planned activities for the kids. The cabins are 1st rate and come with everything you need. When all is said and done and the smoke clears, the dust settles, the most amazing thing about Aspen is you feel like family by time the vacation is over. My children never forget Ray, Vanessa, their 3 daughters, or the dock people that make the trip worth every minute. I could go on and on about Aspen, but I can tell you that I cannot truly describe in words how amazing Aspen is, so come on up and we'll see you there!

Kyle Fiebelkorn

Jacob & Heidi Olsen Testimonial 2/11/11

Sent Via email-

We arrive at Aspen Resort every in June with our girls and grandma and grandpa for our family vacation. On our annual trip in 2010 we found a “real” treasure map in our cabin! (A plan cunningly planned by grandma and mom, but Mr. Ray and Ms. Vanessa soon became our accomplices., commenting on rumors of maps and such on the grounds. Our girls ages 7 and 4 at the time were, and still are, completely convinced that the entire thing was real.)

When the map was found behind a picture in our cabin our girls had to go directly to the lodge. After excitedly informing Mr. Ray and Ms. Vanessa of our discovery, we immediately went on our quest. Ms. Vanessa and her girls accompanied us and our girls as we followed the inked clues on the old fragile map that still smelled of incense and was marred with burns in some places. It was wonderfully thrilling…..It lead us all around the grounds of the resort.

Clue after clue we trekked around until the final clue left us searching around our cabin (Bald Eagle). My oldest daughter noted a suspicious bunch of shrubbery under the deck of the cabin and upon investigation it revealed…..a treasure chest!!

We rushed back to the lodge to unveil our bounty. Of course at this time Mr. Ray suddenly became more helpful (tee hee). We all searched through the rings, necklaces, “jewels” and real coins. The excitement was palpable and the hilarity continued when Mr. Ray donned himself with all the jewels! I hope you enjoy the pictures. It was a journey our kids will never forget. Thanks Aspen for helping us with this amazing experience…you guys are always up for anything!!!!

Jacob & Heidi Olsen (Taia and Avynn and new this year…Evie ) and Mary & Mel Olsen

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow, Snow and more Snow!

As of the first of Feb. 2011 we are sitting at 71 inches of snow above our normal amount for this time of year. Thats not 71 inches to date for the winter, that is 71 inches above normal for this time frame. All this snow will be great for lake levels come May but i'm guessing it might be a little wet and soggy while it's melting. Here are some photos of a few of our cabins after the snow was shoveled off the roofs. Reservations are coming in nicely for the 2011 Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. When we are not taking reservations, you guessed it, we are out moving snow. Happy ground hogs day everyone!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aspen Resort "YouTube" videos

Thank you for visiting our blog. We now have a YouTube link on our website homepage that will show you videos of Aspen Resort and some of the Orr area. If you know of any additional videos of Aspen we would love to post them on our website, just let us know.