Friday, April 1, 2011

The Elsesser Families Testimonial 3/31/11

The Week of Our Aspen Vacation

‘Twas the night before leaving on our Aspen Vacation.
Our family was bursting with Anticipation!
Mom made a checklist and checked off as she goes –
the groceries, the sunscreen, the boat and the clothes.

The sun was brightly shining, “Wake up, rise and shine!
The boat is hitched to the truck, so let’s leave here on time!”
On our four hour drive, the scenery is so pretty!
It is finally great to get away, from the hustle of the city.

“Welcome back!” was our greeting from Vanessa and Ray!
“Our dock boys will help you unpack, so your kids can go play!”
The boats in the water, now it’s time for a little dinner
Now to catch a fish, who is a wall of fame winner!

That night by the bonfire, reviewing vacations past,
We knew our fun times at Aspen, would be in memories that last!
So many great stories and times of great fun,
from many years at Aspen, let us tell you a little from each one.

When our son Charlie turned 5, the present he wished for the most,
To go fishing with his dad, caught a 3 lb bass – Oh how he boasts!
Pelican Lake is amazing, so many islands and trees.
Just use your GPS, and you’ll find your way around with ease.

There have been many a trips, where fishing contests occur.
The men have claimed to have won, but for the women it is a blur.
Fishing in a Lake this great, there are way too many fish to name,
Our son sure gives it his best shot, listen to him exclaim!

The Walleyes! The Crappies! The Sunfish and Bass!
The Perch & The Pike, catching those will make you head of the class!
In your own boat or in a rental from Ray,
A fishing experience done here is better than any work day!

Playing games in the pool, is great on any day,
Whether it is cannonball splash or a game of keep away!
The weather wasn’t cooperating on one of those years,
The hot tub our savior! Can someone pass me a beer?

Looking for the place that makes memories that last?
Make sure to book your vacation so very fast!
Amazing accommodations, with great people we know!
Aspen Resort is the place GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Elsesser Families

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