Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Snow

Finally getting around to post the photo we took of the Loon cabin after our Thanksgiving snow. We received about 2 feet of snow the week of Thanksgiving. Made for a beautiful photo.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rheanna Haeg Testimonial 12/4/10

sent via email-

My first year up at Aspen Resort was in 2007. After driving on the tarroad for quite some time, we turned off onto the gravel road. Windingand riding down the long road and as we drove up the small first hill,we came upon wooden log cabins off to the right hand side with thewelcoming of the Aspen Resort sign. It was definitely just more thanpicture perfect, it was BEAUTIFUL!! After checking in, we got to ourcabin, unpacked and went adventuring!! Traveling with kids there wasdefinitely plenty of things for them to do as well as adults. Thepool, playground, badminton and volleyball, basketball, paddleboats,kayaks, THE LODGE!! The lodge was where the kids could go to playgames, read books, get a bite to eat (including the dessert cooler) ,have a cold beverage (both for kids and adults), buy merchandise andof course talk to staff. What made Aspen unique is the scheduledactivities that they hosted each day and the nightly campfires. Wetook advantage of this when we could if we weren't out fishing and wegot to know some of the other guests. The fishing was awesome and theboats were in great shape and the staff goes out the extra mile toinsure a memorable stay. This definitely has become our yearlyvacation spot that hopefully our children can pass down to theirfamily someday!