Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Butch Furtman TV show

Butch Furtman (Sportsmans Journal) & Mark Fisher of Rapala shot a show on Pelican Lake last fall and it will be airing this Sunday (April 11th) at 9:30am on the Fox Sports North station. As always it should be a great one. How can Pelican Lake fishing ever be bad.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pelican Lake Ice Out

The ice out date on Pelican Lake is usually around the 20th-27th of April. But as you can see with the warm March temps Pelican should be ice free by Saturday April 3rd. I am thinking this might be a record for the earliest ice out. If I am wrong I am hoping someone could let me know. The 3 photos are from March 29th (ice in the bay in front of Aspen Resort. April 1st, (putting in boat to go rescue docks that are floating away). April 2nd (you can see the ice piling up on the left hand side of the island as the wind is pushing the ice). The temp outside today was 73 degrees at 2:15pm. Hopefully these warm temps carry over making for a very nice summer. Happy Easter everyone!