Friday, April 27, 2018

Ideas To Help You Take Better Vacation Photo's

Your vacation photo's help you remember your vacation experiences for many years. Coming home to blurry or uninteresting
photos can be a letdown. Here are a few ways you can capture your vacation memories, which will help you tell your vacation stories later. 1)Try taking some of your pictures during transitional weather - these changes in the weather often add intrigue and texture to your photo's 2)Demonstrate scale - as opposed to having your friends and family just stand in front of a landmark like they’re lining up for something, have them pose in more interesting formations. For instance, have them stand right in the middle of a curious scene or put them beside a huge object to show its sense of scale. 3)Think small - taking pictures of a mountain from a distance is fine, but try to also take shots of animals, rocks and plants close up to give context to your photo's. 4)Adapt to shooting at night - research the best way to use your camera in dark situations, you can capture amazing candid shots in the evening 5)Include shots of signs - this gives you a change to tell a story and add character to your photo's 6)Try telling your story by using a series of frames - take a wide shot and then hone in on the details Read More:

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