Thursday, December 14, 2017


Consider a family vacation that will allow your kids to learn the great sport of fishing. Pelican Lake offers many opportunities for kids to catch fish right off the docks.
While some anglers get their start down this pleasant path on their own (often via magazine articles or books), the statistics show that most lifelong anglers are first introduced to fishing by a mentor—usually a family member. Below are a number of pointers (gleaned from personal experience, advice from others, and dozens of fishing clinics) that should help make the beginner's transition to the sport a smooth and memorable one. While all these principles apply to youngsters making their first cast, most will also apply to neophytes of any age—wives (and husbands!) and grandfathers, too. It's never too late to start! BE PATIENT . . . BE VERY PATIENT! Of all these suggestions, this one may be the most important. The goal of fishing (superceding even the actual catching of fish) is to have an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, anyone fishing for the first time can expect tangles, snags, and lost fish. Realize that these events are likely to occur and take them in stride. Avoid negative criticism, don't raise your voice, and concentrate on covering a few basics while having a good time (and hopefully even landing some fish). KEEP IT SIMPLE! This principle runs a close second in importance....Read entire article here:

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