Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jacob & Heidi Olsen Testimonial 2/11/11

Sent Via email-

We arrive at Aspen Resort every in June with our girls and grandma and grandpa for our family vacation. On our annual trip in 2010 we found a “real” treasure map in our cabin! (A plan cunningly planned by grandma and mom, but Mr. Ray and Ms. Vanessa soon became our accomplices., commenting on rumors of maps and such on the grounds. Our girls ages 7 and 4 at the time were, and still are, completely convinced that the entire thing was real.)

When the map was found behind a picture in our cabin our girls had to go directly to the lodge. After excitedly informing Mr. Ray and Ms. Vanessa of our discovery, we immediately went on our quest. Ms. Vanessa and her girls accompanied us and our girls as we followed the inked clues on the old fragile map that still smelled of incense and was marred with burns in some places. It was wonderfully thrilling…..It lead us all around the grounds of the resort.

Clue after clue we trekked around until the final clue left us searching around our cabin (Bald Eagle). My oldest daughter noted a suspicious bunch of shrubbery under the deck of the cabin and upon investigation it revealed…..a treasure chest!!

We rushed back to the lodge to unveil our bounty. Of course at this time Mr. Ray suddenly became more helpful (tee hee). We all searched through the rings, necklaces, “jewels” and real coins. The excitement was palpable and the hilarity continued when Mr. Ray donned himself with all the jewels! I hope you enjoy the pictures. It was a journey our kids will never forget. Thanks Aspen for helping us with this amazing experience…you guys are always up for anything!!!!

Jacob & Heidi Olsen (Taia and Avynn and new this year…Evie ) and Mary & Mel Olsen

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